Art Consultant and Advisory Services

We offer a variety of services to help with your art needs, ranging from consulting,
advice and valuation to transport, exhibition-planning and storage.

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Asian Art Collection Advisor

We will build and enhance your collections with a broad range of Asian artworks, including Tibetan figures, Chinese porcelain and bronze wares, jade carvings and Japanese collectables.

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We're here for you every step of the way — we'll consult, advise, transport, store, insure, exhibit, and more. Make sure you call us before you buy or sell anything!

Online Catalogue

Collectors looking for advice on what type of art will make their collection more valuable? We have it all: appraisals, consultations, and acquisitions.

Services for art owners

Do you need an appraisal? Our expert appraisers can provide an unbiased opinion of the fair market value of your artwork. We also offer consultations on how you can optimize the value of your collection.

Services for museums and galleries

We offer exhibition design services ranging from selecting the perfect works of art to creating a thematic layout to designing signage and labels.

Services for transportation specialists

Do you want to move your artwork safely? Whether it's transporting or storing your valuables, we have you covered with our global network of experts

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Please contact us if you have any inquiries on buying or selling.